Cash Services acts as a focal point for the provision of strategic direction on co-operative (non-commercial) issues for cash as a component of the UK Money Transmission and Payments Industry. 

What does Cash Services do?

As a membership organisation, we provide strategic direction and management of the collaborative elements of the cash cycle in the UK.

Through inter-bank co-operation, Cash Services aims to:

  • Ensure that cash can circulate freely and effectively, and that risks to the cash cycle are identified and mitigated. 

Through co-operation, Cash Services’ objectives are to:

  • Maintain the integrity of the cash cycle by ensuring an orderly market for the distribution of cash.
  • Ensure an efficient industry model exists for the management of wholesale cash supply and demand, against the background of a changing market.
  • Facilitate collaboration to ensure sufficient cash is available to meet customer expectation and ensure cash remains an integral part of the UK payments landscape.