We encourage discussions about the future of cash with other organisations that have an interest in cash and the changing payments landscape.  In keeping with our aim to support collaboration in cash, our Forums provide an opportunity to explore issues facing the cash industry and develop consumer-centred solutions.    Open to members and non-members, we hope to provide a platform for thought leadership and a space for debate. 

A brief description of our past Forums can be found below.

If you'd like to find out more about a specific Forum or our plans for the future, please contact Cash Services.


Past Forums

What Next for Cash? March 2016

Bringing together organisations involved in the cash cycle and payment industry, this forum explored the future of cash as a method of payment and the importance of research in understanding the cash user. The session asked participants to discuss what the decline in cash-use meant for the consumer, where research needed to be conducted and how it could be then communicated to a range of stakeholders. To conclude, participants discussed ways in which their organisations could co-operate to produce and promote high quality research.

Business Breakfast January 2016

A Business Breakfast session was held in January 2016 to reiterate Cash Services’ objectives and update our members on the tasks undertaken in the last 12 months. These have included extensive work to model the transition to polymer notes and the new £1 coin, the enhanced presentation and alignment of industry risks and the forging of new links with Northern Ireland. The session concluded with a discussion around the future of coin and what safeguards can be implemented to ensure its long term future.

Cash Forum – May 2015

With over 60 attendees from a variety of sector, the 2015 Cash Forum explored themes such as modernising the currency (both notes & coin), the growth of alternative payments and future demand for cash. The forum ended with a session on moving towards a “Cash Lite” society, the demographics that would be affected by such a change and the ability of cash suppliers to continue to meet customer needs. Guest speakers included representatives from the Bank of England, The Royal Mint and LINK.

Annual Coin Forum – January 2014

The 2014 Annual Coin Forum explored the potential implications for any decline in demand for cash brought about by the increased use of alternative payment types. It also looked deeper into understanding the trials outside of the United Kingdom on removing lower denomination coins. Guest speakers from the Central Bank of Ireland, Transport for London, Payments Council and The UK Cards Association ensured an informed debate that looked at a range of areas that could be affected by a decline in cash.

Annual Coin Forum – January 2013

The 2013 forum provided information on key trends and forecasts for cash and other payment mechanisms. It sought to encourage debate between the broad spectrums of stakeholders in the UK coin industry and provided an opportunity to learn about some of the current and future challenges for all involved. Guest speakers included CEO Payments Council, CEO The Royal Mint, Operations Director Coinstar and Head of Policy and Market Units, Payments Council.