We contribute to a number of reports, providing in-depth analysis of cash as a payment method. Our full list of publications can be found here. 

Cash Services is collaborating with the Bank of England to ensure the successful introduction of polymer notes. More information can be found on the Bank of England website regarding polymer notes.

New £1 coin
Cash Services is working alongside HMT and The Royal Mint to create an infrastructure with its members to ensure an effective roll-out of the new design. Cash Services will work closely with stakeholders to ensure all adverse effects created from the transition will be minimised, when the new coin is introduced in 2017.

Ahead of the transition in 2017, Cash Services will host an industry consultation, engaging with all stakeholders that will be affected by the introduction of the new coin, with the objective to understand the effects the new coin will have on our members operations. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, we will be engaging with stakeholders where necessary.

Coin Forecasting Program
Cash Services is supporting the Royal Mint project in improving the forecasting process to ensure the accuracy of the demand and supply of coin.  

Cash Services engages with a wider stakeholder forum on an annual basis, to discuss the relevant issues in the cash industry to date. The forum will involve a wider group of stakeholders, who are not directly involved in cash services daily operations. Find out more

Reviewing the way in which we are governed is an on-going objective of Cash Services, as by improving the structure it allows for projects to be more efficiently carried out. Cash Services is working with our members to ensure it continues to benefit all our current and future members.